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Safety Helmet Harness Replacements

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Showing 1 to 2 of 2 (1 Pages)

Hard Hat Harness - Replacement Hat Suspension Harnesses

If your hard hat harness looks a little past its best, it may be time to replace it. We stock a range of standard harnesses to refresh and renew your hard hat saving you from buying a completely new setup.

You should replace the harness on your hard hat if you spot any signs of wear or damage during your daily pre-work checks. It may be that your harness is in excellent condition but has become excessively dirty and, therefore, unpleasant to wear.

Many people do not realise the critical importance of harness in dissipating an impact's shock. Without the harness within your helmet suspending the helmet's outer shell away from your head, any shock experienced by the shell would be transferred straight to you, causing injury.

JSP Evo2 And Evo3 Harness Comparison

Key Helmet Harness Features

JSP Vistalens Wheel Ratchet Being Adjusted


Each harness comes complete with an adjusting mechanism; this will be either a slip ratchet or wheel ratchet. It is possible to upgrade some helmets to a wheel ratchet whilst replacing the harness for a more premium feel. In addition, a wheel ratchet gives better granularity of adjustment, allowing you to achieve a more precise fit.

Chamlon Sweatband


Most replacement harnesses will come complete with a new sweatband; however, it is often still worth picking up a few spares to ensure you can refresh it frequently. This will keep your helmet fitting comfortably for longer.

JSP Evo Vistalens 6-point Harness Cradle

Webbing Types

Each harness will have a different design depending on its compatible helmet. Most of our replacement suspension harnesses feature over-the-top fabric webbings which a plastic circumference band.

Need Help Finding The PPE That Is A Comfortable Fit for Your Needs?

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