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Tool Lanyards & Teathers

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Tool Lanyards & Tool Tethers For Working At Height

Power Drill Attached To A Tool Lanyard

Using a tool lanyard can make your life easier, save you money and significantly improve the safety of those working around and below you. The appropriate tether can make your life easier by ensuring that dropping a tool does not require you to climb down a structure to go and retrieve it before you can continue working, assuming you can find it when you get down there.

Although dropping a tool can be inconvenient for you, it can be fatal for others working below you; even a small hand tool dropped from a great enough height can have life-changing consequences for anyone it hits. This potential hazard is where wearing an appropriate tool lanyard becomes not just a matter of convenience for you but a necessity for the safety of those working with you.

We have a wide range of tool lanyards and tethers available on the shelf, all with next-day delivery, allowing you to work safely at height with the peace of mind that your tools are securely attached.

Key Lanyard Features

Wrist Lanyard With Velcro On Someone's Wrist

Wrist Lanyards

These are great for tethering tools to your wrist while in use, and they are convenient for hand tools that need to be tethered close to your hand to function correctly.

Tool Attached To A Workers Belth With A Tool Lanyard

Belt Lanyards

These mount onto tool loops on your harness. They are ideal for tethering tools such as drills. Be sure to check

Helmet Lanyard Being Attached

Helmet Lanyards

These are designed to keep helmets tethered to your person. These can also be used for smaller tools if needed.

Other Height Safety Equipment in Our Range

We have an extensive range of height safety equipment available to help keep you safe whilst working on-site within this range, you will find;

Pioneer Height Safety Kit With Rucksack

Height Safety Kits

These include harnesses, lanyards and bags to keep everything organised.

JSP Spartan & K2 Harnesses


If you just need a harness, this is where to find them.

Adjustable Restraint Lanyard

Fall Restraint Lanyards

These lanyards stop you from getting too close to the edge of a building or into a fall area. They can sometimes be used for work positioning.

Twin Tail Fall Arrest Lanyard

Fall Arrest Lanyards

These are the lanyards that catch you in the event of a fall.

Self-Retractable Fall Limiter

Fall Limiters

These retractable blocks catch you if you fall; they improve safety while frequently climbing ladders.

Need Help Finding The Right Tether For Your Needs?

Our friendly sales team is here to help you find the best PPE and height safety equipment. We work with the best manufacturers in the industry, ensuring we can provide you with products that deliver both performance and value! Call us today on +44 (0)1905 794875 to speak to our team and get a great deal on your next purchase.

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