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Roofers Height Safety Kits

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Showing 1 to 8 of 8 (1 Pages)

Height Safety Kits For Safe Working At Height

JSP Pioneer Twin Fall Arrest Kit With Quality Storage Rucksack

Our extensive range of height safety kits includes everything you need to get you off the ground and working safely at height. Each fall protection kit has a harness, lanyard and bag to keep everything together and organised, ensuring you always have what you need when you get to a job site.

We offer working-at-height safety kits with different lanyards for fall arrest, fall restraint and even with rope and grab lines ensuring we have an offering for almost all applications. With an excellent choice of harnesses to pair with the included lanyards, all you need to add to this kit is the proper training and knowledge to use the setup correctly.

We have put together, with the help of major brands such as JSP, kits to cater to all price points, from the budget yet still capable Spartan range to the premium but by no means overpriced Pioneer range; whatever your budget, we can help find a kit to suit your needs.

Who Uses These Height Safety Kits

These fall prevention kits are used across almost every industry where there is an element of working at height, which occurs more frequently than you may expect. Some great examples of applications where these kits are put to use include;

Worker Using A Restraint Lanyard In A Cherry Picker Basket


If you are working in a scissor or cherry lift basket, you will likely wear a fall restraint kit.

Telecommunications Worker Using A Height Safety Kit


Depending on what task you are carrying out, you could be using a twin tail fall arrest kit or a work positioning restraint kit.

Roofer With A Height Safety Kit


A roofers height safety kit may consist of a ‘rope and grab’ kit, allowing free movement up and down the roof, with the ability to catch and arrest a fall if needed.

Key Considerations When Purchasing Our Height Safety Kits

Below we have listed some essential points to consider when purchasing your height safety kit. Having these points in mind will help ensure that you avoid accidentally purchasing an unsuitable product.

Safety Harness Anchor Point

Harness Points Anchor Points

Choosing a kit with the correct amount of harness connections can mean the difference between being able to do your job safely or not at all. All our listings detail how many anchor points the harness has, allowing you to get the suitable harness for the job.

Shock Absorber On A Fall Arrest Lanyard

Arrest Or Retraint

Do you require a fall arrest setup with a shock absorber or a restraint setup without a shock absorber? Both are used for very different applications, and using a fall arrest lanyard where you should use a restraint lanyard can result in injuries or even fatalities. You can find more information on these different types of systems on our main height safety equipment page.

Twin Tail Fall Arrest Lanyard

Single Or Twin Tail

If you are ascending ladders or moving around a large structure, you may need a twin-tail lanyard. This twin-tail setup will allow you to always keep at least one secure connection at all times. If you work from a fixed point, such as from a piece of reach equipment, then a single-tail lanyard is likely best suited.

Scaffold Hook Connector

Connector Type

When making your purchase, remember what you will ultimately be anchoring your lanyard onto. If you are clipping onto the scaffolding, then be sure to get a setup with a scaffold hook or appropriately sized gate.

Adjsutable Fall Safety Lanyard


Do you need a lanyard with an adjustable length? This will allow you to keep your lanyard as short as possible whilst working.

Comfortable Padding On A Fall Safety Harness


How often will you be using your kit? If you are wearing it daily, it may be worth considering some of the more expensive kits with features like adjustable shoulder straps that allow you to get a better fit.

What Is Included In Our Kits?

2-point Fall Safety Harness

Safety Harness

All our kits come with a full-body harness with shoulder and leg loops. Other features of the harnesses depend on the kit you purchase. We have detailed all the features on the product pages for you.

Single Tail JSP K2 Premium Lanyard With Integrated Shock Absorber


Each kit will come with a lanyard, which type will once again depend on the kit that you choose. Arrest kits include a lanyard with a shock absorber, and restraint kits typically contain a restraint lanyard.

Fall Safety Kit Storage Bag

Storage & Transportation Bag

Some of our kits include a transportation bag; this can be either in the form of a drawstring bag or a rucksack. These are great for keeping all your height safety gear together whilst in transit or storage.

Webbing Sling


Some of our kits contain slings allowing you to create anchor points from trees, telegraph poles and other sufficiently strong structures.

Need Help Finding The Height Safety Kit For Your Needs?

Call our sales team to ensure you are getting the best equipment to keep you safe from falls at height. We will help you get the right fall safety protection equipment for your needs without breaking the bank. Call us today on +44 (0)1905 794875; many of our items are in stock on the shelf, ready for next-day delivery!

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