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Hooks & Karabiners

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Showing 1 to 6 of 6 (1 Pages)

Scaffolding Hooks, Karabiners & Connectors

Karabiners And Hooks

When working at height, there are many variables, but one thing that remains constant is the requirement to clip and connect equipment securely together. Our range of karabiners, scaffold hooks and screw gate connectors contains everything needed to ensure that once you are connected, you stay connected.

Key Features To Consider

Gate Locking Mechanism

This lock keeps the gate closed once you are attached to an anchor point. Which type you prefer will mostly depend on personal preference.

Screw Gate Karabiner Connector Mechanism Explained

Screw Gate

Once the gate closes, a collar on these karabiners screws up into position, locking the gate shut. The gate will not open again until the collar is unscrewed.

Twist Lock Karabiner Connector Mechanism Explained

Twist Lock

These are easier to operate and can even be opened with one hand; the gate lock must be rotated 90 degrees before you can open the gate. This Style will automatically lock when closed.

Triple Lock Karabiner Connector Mechanism Explained

Triple Lock

This lock style needs to be slid up and rotated; this offers greater security when working. These can still be operated with one hand, but it takes some practice. The gate will self-lock when the gate closes.

Large Gate Opening Size Of A Scaffold Hook

Gate Opening Size

The opening size of the gate dictates the size of the anchor point that you can connect to. We detail the gate opening size on each product page.

Steel & Aluminium Materials On Karabiners


Choose from zinc-plated steel or aluminium connectors. The aluminium connectors benefit from weighing less than their steel counterparts whilst only being fractionally more expensive.

Need Help Connecting Your Fall Safety Setup?

Contact our friendly sales team if you are still looking for the suitable connectors for your height safety equipment needs. You can contact them at +44 (0)1905 794875; they will be happy to discuss your requirements and find the most suitable connector, height safety lanyard or fall safety harness for your needs.

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