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Fall Restraint Equipment

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Fall Restraint Equipment & Fall Restraint Lanyards

Worker On Roof Attached To A Lifeline With A Fall Restraint Lanyard

A fall restraint lanyard is a critical piece of personal fall protection equipment used while working at height. When used correctly, it prevents you as the wearer from getting to a point where you can fall; this may be from a roof, cherry picker basket, or even working around an open excavation. In short, these safety lines are best thought of as the lanyards that stop you from having a fall, as opposed to fall arrest lanyards that catch you when you have a fall.

Our range of personal fall restraint systems includes adjustable and fixed-length lanyards made from various materials to suit different budget requirements. Many of the lanyards we stock feature different connector types to suit different applications, such as clipping onto scaffolding, a wire or bolted anchor point.

These lanyards are used in many applications across hundreds of industries, from the farmer who needs to inspect a silo to the television antenna engineer working on your garage roof; these applications and many others can be suitable candidates for fall restraint equipment.

Where & Who Uses Restraint Systems?

Workers With Fall Restraint Equipment Installing Solar Panels

Solar Installation

Whilst working at height on a rooftop, workers will use a restraint lanyard to keep from accidentally straying too close to the edge of the roof where they could fall.

A Worker Wearing A Harness And Fall Restraint Lanyard In A Cherry Picker

IPAF Operators

Operators use a restraint lanyard when working at height in a scissor lift or cherry picker to keep themselves in the basket. It is usually adjusted so that the operator cannot lean over the edge of the basket.

Maintenance Worker Working On Rooftop While Attached To A Lifeline With A Fall Restraint Lanyard

Maintenance Work

When carrying out inspection or maintenance operations on rooftop equipment or the roof itself, a restraint lanyard is often attached to a horizontal anchor line that runs along the roof of the building, keeping the worker a safe distance from the roof edge.

Key Considerations When Choosing A Fall Arrest System

There are many different schools of thought on whether an adjustable work restraint system is better than a fixed-length system. Still, much of it is a personal preference. Below we have detailed some key considerations when choosing between the two.
Adjustable Work Positioning Lanyard

Adjustable Restraint Lanyard

  • It can be adjusted to suit each site you visit and each working area, meaning you should always have the correct length lanyard with you or at least need to carry fewer lanyards.
  • You could forget to adjust it and accidentally leave it in a state that is too long for where you are working. This mistake would leave you with a false sense of security or allow you to fall.

Fixed Length Restraint Lanyard

  • Once your lanyard is connected, you know that you don't have to worry about mins adjusting the length.
  • You have to carry more lanyards to work sites, and you could still get to the work site to find out you need a lanyard between sizes.
  • By carrying so many lanyards in your vehicle, you may mistakenly put on a lanyard that is too long, leaving you unprotected from falls.

Telecoms Worker Using Work Positioning Lanyard While Working On Lines

Work Positioning

You can also use some restraint lanyards for work positioning. Work positioning is where you use a lanyard to take your weight whilst working and free your hands up. In this use case, these are most often used with a three-point fall safety harness and almost always in conjunction with a secondary lanyard.

JSP FAR0901 Scaffold Hook Connector Hooking Onto Scaffolding


When choosing your lanyard, consider what you are connecting to. If you are working in areas with guard rails to connect onto or scaffolding, then something with a larger scaffolding hook is a great choice. If, however, you are going to connect to small anchor bolts, eyelets and cables, then you should consider a screw gate karabiner or twist lock karabiner.

Shock Absorber In A Fall Arrest Lanyard

How Are Fall Restraint Lanyards Different From Fall Arrest Lanyards?

The key difference between a restraint lanyard and a fall arrest lanyard is the inclusion of a shock-absorbing element. This shock absorber makes the fall arrest lanyard better for catching falls. It works with your harness as a complete fall arrest system, spreading the forces placed on the body out and mitigating the shock forces experienced. This factor may not sound important, but a fall of only a few meters can otherwise produce lethal force when a system brings you to an abrupt, instant stop.

In short, fall restraint prevents you from falling, and fall arrest catches you when you fall. Both systems have their place, but wearing the right type is critical.

Height Safety Checklist

What Are The Fall Restraint System Requirements?

There are several factors that you and your fall protection must do To be compliant; these include:

  • Certification - Your lanyard should be made by a reputable company and come with accompanying paperwork to show that it has been tested and meets the standards deemed necessary by EN 358.
  • Inspected - You must inspect your lanyard for wear each and every time you plan to use it. This inspection is to ensure that it will perform adequately when required. You must also have it inspected annually by a competent person.
  • Used by a competent person - To be effective, you must know how to use your height safety personal protective equipment. If you do not know how to use it you cannot expect it to perform as intended. If you need help finding a training course, please contact us for assistance.

The Rest Of The Range

If you are looking for other height safety equipment, you are in the right place; we sell a lot more than just fall safety harnesses. Some different categories and products you may find of interest include;

Evolite Skyworker Climbing Safety Helmet

Hard Hats

We have specific ranges for working at heights, including our Linesman, Skyworker, and VISTAlens Dualswitch helmets.

Pioneer Single Fall Arrest Lanyard


These come in various shapes and sizes and include arrest lanyards, restraint lanyards and positioning lanyards.

Self Retractable Lifeline In Use

Retractable Blocks

These blocks feature self-retracting lines that you can use to limit falls.

Fall Arrest Harness Kit

Harness Kits

These come with lanyards and bags to keep all your height safety equipment safely contained and together.

Webbing Sling


use these to create anchor points around trees, posts and other fixed structures.

Hooks & Karabiners

Hooks & Karabiners

Within this range you can find the connectors you need to tie everything together in your height safety setup.

Do You Have Questions About Our Fall Restraint Lanyards?

If you need help finding the right fall protection, call our experienced sales team today for quick and friendly assistance. We can help you find the best high quality fall protection for your needs and budget requirements. Our agents are available on +44 (0)1905 794875 during business hours, call us today to see how we can help!

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