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Fall Protection Lanyards

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Fall Protection Lanyards With Fast Delivery

An Assortment Of Fall Protection Lanyards

As part of our fall protection range of PPE, we stock a vast range of lanyards. Lanyards are the critical tether that attaches your harness to your chosen anchor point, keeping you safe while working at height. They come in several different designs and sizes, which we proudly carry on the shelf, ready for fast dispatch directly to your work site or offices.

You will find the lanyards we stock anywhere someone is working at height; from adjustable restraint lanyards to lanyards with integrated shock absorbers and fall arrest blocks, there is something for every application. Whether you are installing satellite dishes, maintaining aircraft, installing cell tower equipment, or building scaffolding, within our range of fall protection lanyards, you will find what you need.

With an extensive range of fall lanyards to choose from, we have put this page together to help you find the suitable lanyard for the job, keep in mind that this page is by no means a replacement for proper height safety training. If you require height safety training, get in touch, and we can put you in touch with some great trainers, allowing you to use your fall prevention lanyard properly and, most importantly, safely.

Key Fall Protection Lanyard Types

There are a few key types of fall protection lanyards to choose from; below, we have detailed some of the main categories of lanyard and some of the applications you can use them for.

Adjustable Fall Restraint Lanyard

Fall Restraint Lanyards

These lanyards are designed from the ground up to prevent you from having a fall. Adjustable variants are available if you need to adjust the fall protection lanyard length to prevent you from accidentally straying into a ‘fall danger’ area. These lanyards are used when you are working at height but do not necessarily need to work in a position where you can fall; for example, you may be re-pointing a chimney in the centre of a flat roof with no need to go to the extremities of the rooftop.

Twin Fall Arrest Lanayrd

Fall Arrest Lanyards

These lanyards feature a shock absorber designed to catch you in a controlled manner in the event of a fall. Importantly these shock-absorbing lanyards need ample fall clearance as the shock-absorbing element deploys when placed under a fall load, increasing the fall distance. These fall arrest systems are used where you have to work in an area where a fall is possible. An example use case would be installing new equipment on a telecommunication tower.

Work Positioning Lanyard

Work Positioning Lanyards

These are often used with a fall arrest lanyard or liming block. They allow you to take the weight off your hands whilst working whilst still keeping you in a comfortable working position. A great example use case for these is the phone engineer working up a telegraph pole. These lanyards are almost always adjustable and have a lot of crossover with fall restraint lanyards.

A Rope And Grab Lanyard

Rope & Grab Lanyards

Sometimes referred to as ‘guided type’ lanyards, these generally feature a long rope length with a rope grab that locks when a load is placed across it. These are ideal for workers moving up and down pitched roofs as it allows freedom of movement; whilst still catching a fall should it occur.

Fall Limiter Block

Fall Limiter Blocks

Depending on the application; these retractable lifelines can be installed permanently or temporarily. They are ideal for limiting the free fall distance that an operator may experience. Everyday use cases include positioning the block above vertical access ladders allowing the safe climbing of the ladder. These can be found anywhere from warehouses to offshore oil rigs and manufacturing applications.

Fall Protection Lanyard Considerations



These adjustable lanyards' fall protection mechanism allows you to adjust the lanyard to the appropriate length for the task at hand. This adjustment ensures you reduce the risk and the associated consequences of using the wrong length of lanyard, which can include being unable to do your job, having a painful accident or, in the worst-case scenario, a fatality.

Connector Type

Connection Type

Whilst making your purchase, ensure that you look at lanyards with appropriate connectors. Consider the anchor points you will frequently need to connect to; for example, a scaffolding hook would be a great choice if you always connect to larger-diameter anchor points.

Worker With Double Tail Lanyard Climbing A Tower

Single Or Double

If you constantly move around a structure or climb ladders, consider double lanyard fall protection with twin tails. These have two connectors, ensuring you can always maintain a secure connection.

Shock Absorbing Fall Distance Diagram

Shock Absorbing Lanyard Fall Distance

If you purchase a lanyard with a shock absorber, ensure you have enough clearance to use it safely. A shock absorber will add considerable extra length to the lanyard once expanded.

More From Our Range Of Fall Protection Equipment

We carry many fall protection products on the shelf, ready to dispatch with next working day delivery. Some of our most popular working at-height safety product ranges include:

A Fall Arrest Kit

Harness Kits

These come with harnesses, lanyards, and bags to keep your equipment organised and ready for use.

Fall Safety Harness

Safety Harnesses

If you are looking for a quality fall protection harness, this is the place to start; you will find our full harness range in this category.

Connectors And Karabiners

Connectors & Karabiners

The karabiner category contains everything you need if you are hunting for something to clip your setup together.

Give Us A Call To Discuss Your Lanyard Requirements

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