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Safety Glasses

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Showing 1 to 8 of 8 (1 Pages)

Safety Glasses & Quality Safety Spectacles

JSP Stealth 16g Ultra-Light Safety Spectacles

We stock a range of work safety glasses with fast next-day delivery across the UK. With our range of quality, cost-effective safety specs at your disposal, there is no reason not to protect your eyes whilst working on-site or doing DIY around the house.

Our range of EN166-compliant protective glasses has tinted lens options for working outdoors and clear lenses for working indoors. Other options include smoked and yellow lenses, all of which have their use cases, which we have detailed below. One thing the entire range that we offer has in common is their undistorted optics, with a class 1 rating, ensuring you can wear them all day long without eye fatigue.

Our range of protective eyewear is curated to keep it easy to navigate and ensure that there is something for every common application. However, if you cannot see what you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact our friendly sales team; they will help you find a product to suit your needs from our extended catalogue if necessary.

When to Wear Safety Glasses

Safety eyewear as a whole, including glasses, safety goggles and face shields, should be worn whenever carrying out an activity that could pose a risk to the safety of your eyes. Safety glasses are used explicitly for applications where you need to protect your eyes from low-energy impacts, typically those generated by hand tools. Below we have included a simple reference grid to help you determine if you should purchase safety glasses or consider an alternative such as goggles or a face shield.

Impact RatingDescriptionSafety SpectaclesSafety GogglesFace Shields
FSuitable for use with hand tools
BSuitable for use with power tools
AProtection from high energy impact (up to 190m/s)
TSuitable for working at extreme temperatures
Suitability Rating    
3Protection from liquids and droplets
4Resistance to large dust particles (such as coal)
5Resistance to gas and fine particles (such as brick dust)
8Protection from short circuits & electric arcs*
9Suitable to molten metals & hot solids (welding & grinding)

* Only face shields rated 8, such as the JSP Evoguard C5Max

Type Of PPE Glasses

Standard Safety Spectacles On Mechanic

Standard Safety Spectacles

Our range of standard safety spectacles can be worn with contact lenses but are incompatible with prescription glasses. They all have a “wrap around” format to protect your eyes from the front and sides.

Overspecs Covering Prescription Glasses


Overspec glasses are designed to be worn over standard prescription glasses. They offer the same protection as our standard safety glasses, with a profile that encloses your normal specs, ensuring your eyes are protected from the sides and the front.

JSP Evospec Helmet Mounted Safety Spectacles

Helmet-Mounted Glasses

These are specially designed to mount onto compatible safety helmets (you can find details of which helmets on their product page). They are also available in smoke and clear lens tints for indoor and outdoor use. Which shade you require will depend on your requirements.

Lens Colour Tints & Coating Options

There is a multitude of protective coatings and lens colours to choose from when buying safety glasses. We have put together this simple guide that should help speed up your decision-making process, helping you find the right solution for your requirements.

Optical Class 1 For No Optical Distortion

Optical Class 1

All of our safety glasses conform to class one, meaning there is no distortion when looking through the lens, allowing you to wear them for the whole working day without causing eye fatigue.

UV Protection From Sun

UV Protection

Indicated by markings on the lens starting with 2-, 2C- or 5-. If present, all of these markings indicate that the lens has UV protection, shielding your eyes from ultraviolet light.

K Anti Scratch

K Anti Scratch

Lenses with a K marking indicate the glasses have an anti-scratch coating; this will help prevent micro-scratches from forming on the lens. Lenses that don't have this protection can be scratched by something as simple as cleaning them with the wrong cloth.

N Rated Fogging Resistance Coating

N Fogging Resistance

An N lens marking for anti-mist means if you are working in an area of high humidity or going from a hot environment to a cold environment, this anti-fogging coating can help ensure that your glasses do not steam up as readily as glasses without the coating.

All Lens Shade Suffixes

Lens ShadeFunction
ClearClear Lens ColourSuitable for applications where good colour recognition is required.
Indoor / OutdoorIndoor/Outdoor LensWith a reflective coating, this slightly brown-tinted lens is excellent for forklift drivers transitioning between indoor and outdoor environments throughout the day.
SmokeSmoked Lens ColourThese are ideal for use outside, where the tint reduces bright sun glare and eye strain.
PolarisedPolarised LensThis coating prevents reflections from causing glare, ideal for driving or working around bodies of water.
YellowYellow Coloured LensBlocks blue light and helps to improve the contrast and sharpness of vision. Contrary to popular myths, these are unsuitable for driving at night.

Other PPE In Our Range

If you need more PPE to go with your new safety spectacles, you will find a wide range in our other PPE categories.

Industrial Safety Helmets

Head Protection

This category contains helmets and bump caps of all types and standards.

Ear Defenders

Hearing Protection

Choose from a range of ear plugs and ear defenders, allowing you to protect your hearing.

Work Safety Boots

Safety Footwear

Our wide range of work boots are premium quality and offer exceptional comfort for long working days.

Fall Protection Equipment

Fall Protection

From lanyards to harnesses and slings, we keep everything on the shelf to keep you safe whilst working at height.

Safety Gloves


Keep your fingers and thumbs safe from irritants, cuts and burns with our excellent range of gloves.

Dust Masks And Other Respiratory Protection

Respiratory Protection

Ensure you are not breathing in harmful dust and vapours with our affordable and comprehensive range of RPE.

Need Help Finding The Right Safety Spectacles For Your needs?

If you cannot see what you are looking for (no pun intended), please do not hesitate to contact our sales team at +44 (0)1905 794875. Our friendly staff will be happy to help you find the very best safety glasses solution for your needs.

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