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Wire Mesh Face Shields

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Wire Mesh Face Shield - Protective Visors

Our range of quality mesh safety visors is ideal for applications where clear plastic visors and face shields are unsuitable. Mesh visors offer excellent protection for the face area against solid debris and shrapnel encountered whilst working.

They are perfect for use with safety specs, preventing any liquids that might be present from making it to your eyes whilst taking the brunt of the solid debris. Available in either a helmet-mounted format or as a brow guard system, allowing for the use of ear defenders where required.

With several mesh options available, you can quickly get the protection you need without breaking the bank. We offer face visors made from etched stainless steel, woven stainless steel and woven nylon mesh. In addition, many of our mesh visors include a durable plastic or metal surround to hold the mesh rigid during use.

jsp VISTAlens with visor

Key Features Of Our Mesh Visor Face Shields

There are several types of mesh face shields to choose from. Here are some of the key considerations you should make before making a purchase. First, you should ensure that any visor you purchase conforms to EN1731.

impact rating

Mechanical Impact Resistance

All our face visors come with a rating of impact resistance; by carrying out an appropriate risk assessment, you will be able to determine what level of protection you require. For example, if your risk assessment highlights that there are very fine particles or hot particles, then a mesh visor may not be for you.

light reduction between different jsp visor options

Light Reduction

Different mesh materials can block out different amounts of light. Therefore, if you work in dark environments, such as under the canopy of trees, it is worth looking for a visor with a higher visible light transmittance percentage.

scratch resistant forestry guard

Scratch Resistance

A benefit of mesh visors is that they do not visibly show scratches for the wearer, which can be an issue with clear plastic visors where the lens can become marred by scratches and scuffs.

Sawdust Projected By A Chainsaw

Debris shedding

Mesh visors are great for environments with a high volume of light debris that would otherwise cling to a standard transparent plastic visor because of static or moisture content. This is what makes them popular with forestry workers.

Arborist With A Mesh Face Shield Working At Height


If you are working at height, it is worth considering the weight of the visor you are wearing, as you will carry it every time you ascend.

Forestry Helmet Kit With A Throatguard For Additional Protection

Ease of Movement

Many of our mesh visors are shorter in length, offering improved head articulation. If required, we have throat guards that can provide additional protection to the neck and chin.

Other Eye And Face Protection


Clear Plastic Face Guards

Our clear plastic face protectors are suitable for applications where liquids are the primary danger or where hot metals or sparks are present.

Man Wearing Ultralight Clear Stealth Spectacles From JSP Safety

Eye Protection

Our range of safety glasses is perfect if you just need to protect your eyes from low-impact dangers that would pose no threat to the skin of the face.

JSP Safety Goggles And Evo Hard Hat Worn By A Railway Worker

Safety Goggles

Many of our safety goggles are ideal for use with hazards that produce fine vapors, droplets and gases that would otherwise make their way around a visor.

Need Help Finding The Right PPE For Your Needs?

If you cannot find the correct face visor for your needs or are looking for some entirely different PPE, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our experienced safety specialists are ready to help you with your queries, ensuring you get the best value for your money whilst keeping safe. Call today on +44 (0)1905 794875.

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