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High Quality Face Shields & Face Protection

Face Shields - Face Protection Visors

You can use our full range of face shields in almost every industry; from factories to fields, they have their place in protecting the face, mouth, eyes and nose. Depending on the task, a face protection visor may be made from plastic or metal and be completely transparent, tinted or made of mesh.

A common mistake many innocently make when working with equipment that could fling debris, such as grinders, is reaching straight for the safety spectacles. Safety spectacles are great for protecting your eyes, but they leave the whole of your face otherwise exposed. With this in mind, a shard of a fractured cutting disk could leave you with life-changing injuries or a scar that you could have otherwise been avoided by wearing a protective face shield.

Our range of personal protective face shields includes complete details of the standards the manufacturers have tested them to comply with. We also have example applications listed to help you decide which piece of protective equipment is suitable for your needs.

Worker Grinding While WEareing A Face Visor On A Browguard

Mechanical Risks

These risks are usually generated by cutting machinery and other power tools. The danger from this risk may come in the form of flying dust and debris; however, it can include large fragments such as a shard of cutting disk.

Ratings & Standards To Look For:

 Product MarkingEN Standard
High Energy Impacts - 190m/sAEN166
Medium Energy Impacts - 120m/sBEN166
Low Energy Impacts - 45m/sFEN166
Increased RobustnessSEN166

Common Formats - Mesh Visors, Transparent/translucent Visors

Worker With A Face Shield Cutting Stone

Fluid & Chemical Risks

These risks generally arise where there is a risk of chemical agents or biological fluids splashing into the face. This may be during cleaning processes, food production, manufacturing or even brush cutting.

Ratings & Standards To Look For:

 Product MarkingEN Standard
Liquid Splash3EN166

Common Formats - Plastic Transparent Face Shields.

Agricultural Worker Wearing A Face Shield For Protection From Chemicals

Thermal Risk

Thermal risks can come from various sources; they are frequently associated with working with molten metals. Generally, full face protection is preferred, but some safety goggles are an option depending on the application. Processes can include welding, grinding, cutting and casting.

Ratings & Standards To Look For:

 Product MarkingEN Standard
Molten Metals & Hot Solids9EN166

Common Formats - Plastic Transparent/translucent Face Shield

Molten Metal Being Poured In A Foundry

Optical Radiation Risk

Dangerous light energy sources cause optical risks; this can be in the form of UV or infrared radiation. In mild cases, these hazards can irritate the skin and eyes if proper personal protective equipment is not worn. Common sources and areas where these hazards occur include; ports, heavy manufacturing, metal cutting, welding, and sunlight.

Ratings & Standards To Look For:

 Product MarkingEN Standard
UV Radiation2- / 2CEN166 / 170
Solar Radiation For Industrial Use5- or 6-EN166 / 172
Welding1.7 / 3 /5EN166 / 169

Common Formats - Plastic Transparent/translucent Face Shield

Welder Emitting Bright Blue Light

Electrical Risks

In terms of face protection, electrical risks pose both thermal and electrical threats. Any face shield, therefore, needs to be able to protect the wearer electrically and thermally. Face shields to protect from these risks should be worn when carrying out live industrial electrical works or whenever there is a chance of arc flash or short circuit arcs.

Ratings & Standards To Look For:

 Product MarkingEN Standard
Short Circuit Electrical Arc8EN166
Electric Arc Flash8-1-0GS-ET-29

Common Formats - Plastic Transparent/translucent Face Shield

Electric Arc Flash

Features of Our Faceshield Range

As you have likely gathered by now, not all face shields are the same. Below, we have detailed some critical points of consideration to keep in mind before making a purchase.

How much of your face does it cover?

Many of our face shields are available in two lengths. Most of the shields we supply extend down far enough to protect the eyes, nose and mouth, and longer variants also extend down far enough to cover the chin. We have supplementary throat guards available for sale if you require throat protection.

How do I ensure dust mask compatibility?

If you need to wear a dust mask with your face shield, then you will want to ensure that you choose a compatible setup that allows both elements to fit without compromising the performance of either part. We have detailed where visors are compatible with respiratory protection systems where possible.

Should I wear Safety Spectacles With it?

If you are wearing a mesh visor such as the M3 forestry mesh, you may want to consider wearing a pair of safety spectacles or goggles behind the visor. This will then offer protection against anything liquid that should splash into your face and make its way through the mesh.

Can I wear my own glasses with it?

Almost all our face shields are compatible with safety spectacles and, therefore, standard eyeglasses.

How do I keep my face visor from fogging-up?

As the nose and mouth tend to be covered, choose a visor with an anti-fog coating. A good quality anti-fog coating will prevent the visor from becoming steamed up and interfering with your vision, causing other hazards.

How Is The Face Shield Mounted?

Many of our face shields are available as part of modular systems, allowing them to be mounted onto hard hats or brow guards. For this reason, it is essential to consider what other equipment you will need to wear the face shield alongside.

If you need to wear a helmet with your face shield, you will want to ensure that your chosen face shield is compatible with your helmet. It is also worth considering that your helmet may want to protect you from similar hazards. For instance, you should ideally wear an electrically rated full face shield along with an electrically rated helmet.

If you only need to wear ear defenders alongside your face shield, then a browguard headband mount would likely suffice for your needs. These are often worn in areas with no risk of falling debris, and are therefore quite common in manufacturing environments.

Evoguard C1 Clear Industrial Visor Mounted TOn Hard Hat With Ear Defenders

Need Help Finding The Right Face Protection For Your Needs?

If you are struggling with where to buy protective face shields, then you are in the right place; we will help you find the right product for your needs. We have the backing and knowledge of our experienced sales team and well-regarded manufacturers. So if you are looking for a face shield or simply some safety glasses, call our team on +44 (0)1905 794875 today.

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