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High Quality Heavy Duty Plastic Lawn Edging Strips

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EcoGrid Heavy Duty Flexible Lawn Edging Strips | 1m Inc. 4 Pins

EcoGrid heavy-duty lawn edging is an all-new product similar to the existing EcoGrid lawn edging, however, this product features more robust connectors to help keep the edging rigid when straight lines are required. With this product, path edges, flower beds and border edgings are easily achieved leaving you with a clear separation between lawn and garden borders.

Unlike a lot of off the shelf alternatives, this heavy-duty plastic lawn edging is made from high quality 100% recycled plastic and is sold in 1m interlocking strips instead of rolls. The thick nature of the UV stabilised material used makes it very strong, and resistant to UV degradation, ensuring it won't go brittle in the sun.

This product is easy to install and requires only four fixing pins per metre to firmly install it into the ground allowing you to work quickly and efficiently with minimal preparation required. Creating alluring designs with this edging is a breeze, and thanks to its durable nature you will have to spend next to no time maintaining borders, keeping edges sharp and clean.

Heavy Duty Lawn Edging installed

Heavy Duty Lawn Edging Zoom

Key Features Of The Heavy Duty Flexible Lawn Edge

  • Flexible Only Where Needed - Bracing tabs keep the edging straight and rigid until cut, once cut the edging will bend to create neat curves.
  • Slot In Connecting Ends - Jigsaw like connectors on either end allow for seamless edging strips to be easily created at any length.
  • Made from 100% Recycled Materials - Sustainable and eco friendly lawn edgings made from 100% recycled polypropylene. At the end of its life, it can be recycled or reused.
  • Available In 60mm, 45mm & 80mm Heights - If you require 45 or 80mm heights, please call our sales team.

Easy Slot Together Joints

On each end of these garden edging strips is a twin connector allowing these strips to simply connect together with no additional components required. This system allows for quick installation of these lawn edging strips saving you time and money during installation. The position of the locking tabs ensures that the front edge joins seamlessly ensuring great results.

Create Curves With Ease

Unlike the original flexible lawn edging, this heavy-duty lawn edging features bracing strips across the back which hold the edgings straight and rigid which is perfect when straight edges are required. To make the edging flexible simply cut the bracing in the pre-made grooves using garden shears or any suitable cutting tool. This will allow you to easily bend the edging to shape. This excellent system allows for the versatility of a straight edge or a curved edge all in one product.

Heavy duty lawn edge being installed

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Depth 80mm
Length 1100mm
Wall Thickness 5mm
Type 100 % recycled polyethylene
Colour Black |Green (Green available upon request)

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