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Informative Road Signs For Post & Pole Mounting

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Informative Road Signs Permanent Signage

Across the network of British roads, you will see information signs everywhere. They are all rectangular and are used for informing road traffic where special rules apply. Most of these signs have a blue background.

One of the most common places these permanent signs can be found is in town centres, where they can be used to indicate the hours of bus lanes restrictions or give prior notification to road users that speed cameras are being used in the area.

When used on the motorway these signs can be used to indicate where motorway rules have begun, and where they end. They are also seen on sliproads indicating the priorities of joining traffic to drivers already on the motorway.

Common Information Signs

traffic Camera Sign

Traffic Camera Warning - Dia 879

Used to indicate that speed limits are being enforced by cameras that will issue an automatic fine if the speed limit is not obeyed.

Dead End/ No Through Road Sign

No Through Road - Dia 816

This simple traffic sign can be seen on its own, or as part of street name signs. It indicates that the road is a dead end.

Priority Over Sign

Priority Over Oncoming Traffic - Dia 811

This is seen where traffic calming measures are in place, or where roads are too narrow for two vehicles to pass.

100 yards countdown Sign

Countdown Markers - Dia 823

These signs are seen on motorways in blue and primary routes in green. When this sign is used alongside motorways each bar will indicate 100 yards.

Other Permanent Sign Types

Popular Warning Signs

Warning Signs

Most permanent warning signs for the road are triangular in shape and feature a red border. These signs warn drivers of obstacles, lane restrictions, and significant changes in the road direction.

Different Regulatory Signs

Regulatory Signs

These regulate the types of traffic, for example, restricting heavy goods vehicles from certain routes. They may also prohibit manoeuvres such as U-turns, or set speed limits.

Types of Directional Signs Found on The Road

Direction Signs

These signs include place names, or directions to nearby attractions, business parks or industrial estates. Directional signs will sometimes feature a map where necessary.

Men at Work Sign in a Metal Frame

Road Work Signs

Many of these signs can be found in and around road works as often as they are seen in a permanent format. If you are looking for a temporary sign, then you will be better off checking out our temporary road sign category.

Need help with your permanent signage?

We are here to help you, our trained staff will happily assist you with any requirements that you have for signage ensuring you get the best product at the best price. We have links to lots of useful documentation on our regulations page should you need specific details about the deployment and positioning of any sign.

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