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Best Ear Defenders For Site Use

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Buy Ear Defenders For Working With Power Tools

Our range of hearing protection devices would not be complete without including Ear Defenders. These over-ear protectors protect your hearing from the damaging effects of working in a noisy environment.

Our range includes several models with different levels of protection, allowing you to wear the appropriate level of protection for the job at hand. Choose between helmet-mounted variants and standalone ear protectors, ensuring you do not interfere with the fit of other PPE items.

We supply only quality ear protection products, of which our over-ear hearing protectors are a vital part. If you are looking for in-ear protectors such as the soft foam type that plug the ear canal, you can find those in our ear plugs category.

Worker Wearing A Headband Ear Defenders

Who Uses Ear Defenders?

You generally wear ear defenders in applications with loud tools or machinery operating in the local vicinity. Below are just a few typical applications where proper noise reduction earmuffs are essential.

Ship Engine Maintenance Engineer Ear Defenders

Maintenance Engineers

When working in plant rooms where pumps, fans and blowers are working at full capacity, noise defenders are often needed to bring the sound level down to a safe point.

Construction Worker Cutting While Wearing Ear Defenders

Construction Workers

Builders and demolition workers often work with hammering or cutting equipment, producing noise levels far above a safe exposure limit.

Server Room With Loud Fans

IT Technicians

Server rooms can be noisy places with hundreds of fans working hard to keep electrical equipment racks cool. You should wear hearing protection if you spend a long time in these environments.

Arborist With Ear Defenders

Tree Surgeons

Loud 2-stroke motors often power chainsaws and strimmers. To prevent hearing damage, ear defenders should be worn whenever operating this equipment.

Different Parts Of A Ear Defender

How Do Ear Defenders Work?

Ear defenders work by covering the whole of the ear in an ear cup. The cup includes acoustic foam sound insulation that reduces the amount of sound that makes its way through to the ear drum.

For ear defenders to work correctly, the ear pads must make a tight seal against the head. With this in mind, it is also important to note that long hair, woolly hats and even safety glasses can impact the noise cancelling abilities of the hearing protection.

What Are The Best Ear Defenders For Construction?

The quick answer is the ones that are best suited to your role. A better question is, “What are the best ear defenders for me?”

Several factors make one type of hearing protection better for an application than another. Stating that one ear defender is better than another for a whole industry is impossible, as it depends on the individual task that a worker faces daily. The below considerations will help you find the best ear defenders for your needs.

Do You Wear A Helmet For Work?

  • Yes - You will want to purchase a helmet-mounted pair of ear defenders, specifically ones compatible with your helmet.
  • No - Standard "headband" ear defenders will be perfect for you.
Construction Worker Drilling While Wearing Ear Defenders

Sound Levels Of Different Tasks And Machinery

What Level Of Noise Protection Do You Need?

All our ear defenders come with an SNR rating; the SNR is the value that the protection will reduce the dB you work in.

For example, Wearing A pair of defenders with an SNR of 32 in a 110dB environment would bring the level you are exposed to down to 78dB.

The critical thing to note here is that bigger is not always better. You want to reduce the sound level to below 85dB without going below 75dB. Below 75dB, you will not be able to hear hazards around you, making you vulnerable to accidents caused by not being aware of your surroundings.

Not Sure Where To Look For Your Hearing Protection?

Give our sales team a call today on +44 (0)1905 794875 and speak to one of our experienced staff. We stock a range of PPE, including gloves, work boots, safety glasses and helmets. Our friendly team will be happy to work with you to ensure that you get the right level of protection for your needs at the right price. If you are looking for more information on our broader hearing protection range you can find this in our hearing protection category.

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