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Quality Helmet Mounted Visors

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Hard Hat Visors - Helmet Mounted Face Shields

We are pleased to offer a wide choice of hard hat visors for various applications, most of which are available from stock with fast next-day delivery. Within our selection, you will find both mesh and plastic visors to protect your face from various dangers.

All of the face shields in this range are compatible with safety helmets and hard hats, allowing you to protect the top of your head and your face. When selecting, check that your helmet is listed as compatible with your chosen visor in the compatible products section of the page.

For the most part, the hard hat-mounted face shields we supply have flip-up functionality allowing you to move the visor out of the way when not required. Most models are also compatible with RPE and safety glasses.

C4 Helmet Mounted Face Shield On A JSP Evo Helmet

Key Features Of Helmet Mounted Visors

When purchasing a hard hat safety visor, you must consider several factors to ensure that the visor meets your needs. We have detailed some of the key features below;

Example Of A Risk Assessment

Application Risks

The application is probably the most crucial factor to consider when choosing a helmet visor. Different applications have vastly different requirements regarding the types and levels of protection required.

You should carry out a full risk assessment to determine these risk factors, at which point you will be better informed, allowing you to choose a hard hat face shield.

A-Rated Impact Protection 190m/s

Impact Resistance

Almost all of our face shields offer some degree of impact resistance. The protection provided varies from type to type, with different levels of protection available, from lightweight examples for light-duty applications to heavy-duty visors for use when grinding equipment.

Check the impact resistance rating of any visor to ensure it meets your requirements before purchase.


Plastic Shields

Plastic visors are excellent for applications where fine particles or liquids need deflecting away from the face. They can offer exceptional impact protection, making them ideal for use with grinders and cutting equipment.

M3 Metal Mesh Visor Attached To Hard Hat

Mesh Face Shields

These are great for tasks involving no fluids, although if needed, you can wear them over safety spectacles to protect from the occasional splash or spatter. Mesh visors are great for deflective small to medium-sized solids that would otherwise quickly mark and cover a plastic face visor.

Mesh visors are especially popular in forestry roles. Be sure to choose a model with a suitable impact protection level for your needs.

Worker With Helmet Mounted Visor Cutting Stone

Impact Resistance

This is the visor's ability to take a mechanical impact, such as a cutting disk exploding and throwing out shards or a brush cutter flicking a stone up at the face. You must choose a visor that offers sufficient impact protection for the application at hand.

Foggy Goggles With No Anti-Mist Coating

Anti Fog

If you are purchasing a plastic visor, it is worth checking that it has a good quality anti-mist coating. This coating will prevent the mask from fogging up and obscuring your vision, reducing safety significantly.

JSP C4Max Visor Covering The Whole Face Of Worker Grinding Metal

Visor Length

A longer visor will protect more of the face, including the chin and neck; this makes it ideal for tasks with a risk of materials splashing upward or being flung upwards towards the face from beneath. It is worth noting that it may restrict the movement of your head in some circumstances, in which case a shorter visor may need to be considered.

No Optical Distortion On A Clear Plastic Visor

Optical Clarity

Not all visors have the same optical clarity; some cheaper visors can distort your vision, making them fatiguing to wear over a long period. Most of our range include a marker to indicate their optical clarity; this is something to be aware of when making your purchase and generally only impacts transparent plastic visors.

Sunlight Hitting A UV Protected Clear Visor

UV Protection

Some of our helmet visors are available with UV protection to help reduce the risk of burns caused by the sun or other sources.

EN166 Face Shield Protection Standard

EN Standards

All our visor pages list what EN standards they comply with, helping you make an informed choice of which visor best suits your needs.

Respiratory Protection Compatible With Helmet Mounted Visor

RPE Compatibility

If you need to wear respiratory protection, you will want to be sure that your chosen safety face shield is compatible and will not interfere with the fit of the shield or the RPE.

Sonis Compact Ear Defenders Compatible With Helmet Mounted Visor

Ear Protection Compatibility

Most of our ear defenders are compatible with our visors. Check your helmet model to ensure that both your chosen ear protectors and face protection can be used together with compatible mounting brackets.

Anti-Scratch Coating

Anti Scratch Coating

Higher quality visors come with scratch-resistant coatings; they are great but have limitations. If you work in an environment where the visor is likely to get scratched constantly (such as forestry work), then a mesh visor may be better suited.

Grey EVOGuard Brow Guard With Clear C2 Visor Lifted Up


Ensure your chosen helmet-mounted visor can be lifted up out of the way when required. This can allow for easier communication and makes it less likely that you will absent-mindedly remove your helmet whilst still in a high-risk area.

Cannot Find The Helmet Mounted Face Protection You Are Looking For?

Give our sales team a call today; we have a wide selection of face protection products and hard hat helmets. We stock many accessories for all systems, including chin straps, face shields, and adapters, allowing you to quickly mount your visor to a browguard or helmet. Speak to one of the team on +44 (0)1905 794875.

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