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Premium Quality Rail Spec Hi Vis Workwear

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Rail Spec Hi Vis Clothing RIS-3279

If you work on the UK’s rail network, then you will almost certainly be aware that orange hi vis clothing is the workwear of choice for anyone working at the trackside. This is intentional and was originally put in place to prevent confusion with signalling colours. It has also become apparent that the orange colour offers better contrast against the landscape of cuttings and sidings that make up the UK rail network, ensuring that workers can be spotted at a greater distance.

Clothing for use trackside can come in many shapes and sizes as it needs to cater to all seasons and work roles. For that reason, you will find waterproofs that are suitable for use in the depths of winter, thermal layer systems to keep you warm, and lightweight polo shirts to keep you cool in the summer.

For those that work in dirty environments, we offer a range of coveralls and overalls that not only protect the clothes worn beneath the coveralls but ensure you can be seen.

Railway Signals

Key Features & Considerations When Buying Hi Vis Rail Workwear

RIS 3279 Railway Standard


Clothing meeting this standard is one of the most important features to look for. It indicates that the clothing meets the requirements for use on the UK’s rail network.

EN343 Water Resistance Standard


If you are wearing the clothing outside and want something waterproof for rainy days, then this standard indicates that the clothing has waterproof features.

ISO20471 Reflectivity Standard

EN ISO 20471

This standard is divided into three classes, with class one offering the lowest level of visibility and class 3 offering the highest. To be considered “hi vis”, the clothing must have this marking.

When Is Rail Hi Vis Clothing Worn?

Railway Worker With Hi Vis Clothing

You will typically see people wearing orange RT3279 high visibility clothing when working trackside where vehicles could be operating. This could be done whilst carrying out critical maintenance on the rail infrastructure, such as clearing gulleys, surveying crossings and bridge structures, installing tracks or clearing overgrown vegetation.

Who Wears Rail Spec Hi Vis Clothing?

Scaffolders With Orange Hi Vis Clothing

When working line side in the rail industry, everyone wears RIS 3279 compliant clothing; this includes supervisors, visitors, contractors and any other persons working in the vicinity of the tracks.

The frequent use of rail spec clothing has meant that other industries have started to adopt it also; it is now very common to see orange hi vis clothing in foundries, construction sites, civil engineering projects and many other locations.

Need Help Finding The Right Hi Vis Clothing For Your Needs?

Call our sales team today; they will help you find the best Hi Vis Workwear for your needs at a price point that suits your requirements. We stock a range of workwear in all colours, designs and formats, ensuring that there is a solution for almost every application. Call +44 (0)1905 794875 today and speak to our friendly sales team for more information on how we can make purchasing hi vis workwear easier.

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