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Premium Hi Vis Waterproofs

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Hi Vis Waterproofs Keeping You Warm And Dry

If you have ever spent any amount of time outside in the UK you will know that it does rain from time to time, and for a large part of the year it can be considered to be cold. For this reason we stock a wide variety of waterproof hi vis workwear specifically tailored for the UK climate, where it can be warm one minute and raining the next.

Our range of high visibility waterproofs come in a range of forms, from trousers to jackets and overalls there is something for every application. All of these items of course come with documentation showing their class under EN ISO 20471 which will usually be either class or class 3. The EN ISO 20471 rating ensures that the clothing has been tested and has enough reflective and luminous surface area to be used on UK construction sites.

Almost as important as the visibility of the clothing is its waterproof and breathability rating under EN343, which all of our waterproof Hi Vis Clothing has been tested to. Further down the page, we explain more about how EN343 works. Our waterproof workwear is available in both Orange and Hi Vis Yellow, meaning both rail and normal construction environments are catered for.

Pulsar PR497 7-in-1 Water Proof Storm Coat And Body Warmer In The Rain

EN343 Waterproofing Performance and Breathability Explained

EN343 markings are appended with two numbers such as EN343 3:4, the first digit indicates the waterproof properties of the clothing, and the second digit indicates the breathability of the material. These are included in the same standard as the waterproofing and breathability of a garment are very much linked, an ideal waterproof garment would keep external moisture out, whilst allowing any perspiration to escape freely from within the garment.

Within the EN343 standard, both waterproofing and breathability are ranked from 1 to 4, with four being the best performance and one being the worst. For example, a garment marked EN343 4:2 would have the highest level of waterproofing, and a middle of the road breathability, whereas an EN343 4:4 item of clothing would achieve full marks in both waterproofing and breathability.

EN343 Waterproof Standard

Key Types Of WaterProof Hi Vis Workwear

The below are some of the most popular ranges of waterproof hi vis clothing that we stock:

Hi Vis Waterproof Jacket

Hi Vis Waterproof Jackets

hese are ideal for those that dont want waterproof overalls yet still need to keep dry whilst working outside in the rain or snow. They come in a range of styles, including traffic jackets and bomber jackets.

Hi Vis Waterproof Trousers

Hi Vis Waterproof Trousers

These also come in a range of styles, however, the most popular by far is the over trouser, which can easily be worn over the top of standard workwear to keep you dry through heavy downpours.

Hi Vis Waterproof Overalls

Hi Vis Waterproof Overalls

If you prefer to wear overalls whilst you work our hi vis waterproof overalls and salopettes will keep you dry throughout the day. Our coveralls can be fitted with thermal liners if needed.

Key Features To Look out For When Buying Hi Vis Waterproof Clothing

EN Compliance


All our clothing conforms to EN ISO 2471, in case you are purchasing your clothing elsewhere, ensure that it comes with the proper certification to state what class it meets otherwise, you may not be compliant on site.

EN343 Waterproof Clothing Standard


For the best performance only buy waterproof hi vis workwear with an EN434 rating, ideally meeting 4:3 or 4:4, giving optimal waterproof and breathability performance, keeping you comfortable.

Thermal Insulation On A Waterproof Hi Vis Storm Jacket

Thermal Insulation

In the summer months you may not want a fleece lined jacket, and will need something thinner. You should consider buying an unlined jacket or overall with the option of adding layers after.

Different Coloured Hi Vis Water Proof Jackets


It may seem a silly thing to consider, but it is essential that you purchase the right colour of hi vis for your workplace, most rail environments require that you wear orange whilst other sites require yellow.

Need Help Finding The Perfect Hi Vis Workwear To Keep You Dry On Site?

Speak to our friendly sales team today on +44 (0)1905 794875, they will be happy to work with you to find the best hi vis workwear solution for your needs. With a huge range to choose from there is something for everyone, all of which is in stock, ready for fast next day delivery.

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