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Premium Quality Hi Vis Polo Shirts

Hi Vis Polo Shirts Short & Long Sleeved

Our collection of Hi Vis Polo shirts come with a selection of options including colour, size, gender, sleeve length and even sustainable options that use more recycled materials in their construction. One thing all of these options have in common is that they are designed to keep you safe and seen at work and form a core part of our exceptional range of Hi Vis Workwear and PPE.

All our High Vis Polo Shirts are EN ISO 20471 compliant, most of which are class 2 or class 3 compliant, which is something that is worth keeping in mind when making your purchase as different sites have different requirements when it comes to the levels of lumens and reflective materials clothing has.

If you work in an environment where you are handling sharp sheet metal then you will be pleased to know that we have a range of high visibility cut-resistant polo shirts, that can vastly increase your safety preventing nasty cuts to the arms and wrists. These are available in both yellow and orange as are our ladies hi vis polo shirts.

Worker Wearing Pulsar Hi Vis Yellow Polo Shirt

Key Considerations & Features Of High Vis Polo Shirts To Look Out For:

EN Compliance

Compliance With Regulations

Our selection of Hi Vis Polo shirts all meet requirements set out in EN ISO 20471. This ensures that your hi vis polo shirt will help you stay visible.

Vibrant Highly Visible Colours On A Hi Vis Polo Shirt


Our polo shirts use only the highest quality luminous materials making them stand out from the crowd even against other hi vis clothing.

Highly Reflective Tape On Pulsar Hi Vis Polo Shirt


When purchasing any hi vis garment be sure to check the quality of the reflective tapes. Look for branded materials such as RFX ensuring the reflective stands the test of time.

Breathable Under Arms


Keep in mind the activities you will be carrying out, look for breathable underarm areas and lightweight sports style materials such as a birds eye knit polyester.

Different Sleeve Lengths On A Hi Vis Polo Shirt

Sleeve Length

To increase the reflective and luminous surface area available you will often need to go for a long sleeve polo shirt. This can also help keep you warmer on a cool day.

Knitted Cuff On A Long Sleeve Polo Shirt

Cuff Style

Knitted cuffs on long sleeved tops help prevent the cuff getting snagged and caught up whilst working. Short sleeved hi vis polo shirts tend to have loose fitting sleeves similar to t-shirts.

Modesty Cover On A Polo Shirt

Modesty Cover

A longer scalloped back means the age old problem of the “builders bum” can be a thing of the past. Many of our polo shirts and other hi vis garments have this feature.

Different Coloured Polo Shirts


Choosing the right colour of Hi Vis Polo Shirt is essential, as certain sites will have strict requirements. One example is rail sites which often specify orange and specifically RIS-3279 compliant clothing.

Contrasting Collar On Pulsar P175 Polo Shirt

Contrasting Cuffs & Collar

A darker colour on the collar and cuffs will help prevent stains showing up and making the garment look dirtier than it really is. This a great feature to look out for.

Other Hi Vis Clothing In Our Range

Hi Vis Jackets

Hi Vis Jackets

Ensure your legs are protected and seen whilst working on site.

Hi Vis Trousers

Hi Vis Trousers

Choose from a selection of high quality, high visibility jackets including bomber, storm, and softshell types.

Hi Vis Overalls

Hi Vis Overalls

If you prefer to wear overalls when working then you will find an unmatched range available with fire retardant and arc flash options also available.

Hi Vis Vests

Hi Vis Vests

Our vests are unmatched in quality with zipper fronts that wont come undone all the time.

Need Help Finding The Best Hi Vis Polo Shirt UK For Your Needs?

If you are struggling to find the right hi visibility clothing for your requirements, then please do not hesitate to contact our friendly sales team on +44 (0)1905 794875. We take pride in being able to source and assist our customers, ensuring they get the best quality and value for money.

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