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Premium Orange Hi Vis Jackets

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Orange Hi Vis Jackets For Use On The Rail Network

Orange Hi Vis Jackets come in a range of styles to suit just about any application, with orange storm coats, bomber jackets, body warmers, and fleece jackets making up just some of this extensive range there is definitely plenty to choose from.

When choosing your hi vis orange jacket you should be sure to check that it meets the relevant standards which can be different depending on your working environment. EN ISO 20471 class 3 indicates that the reflectivity is up to specification and is a necessity in the UK. If you are looking to wear this jacket railside whilst working on the UK’s rail infrastructure you will also want to ensure it meets RIS 3279-TOM. Outside of this there are standards that indicate that your chosen orange hi vis coat is waterproof EN343, flame retardant EN ISO 11612 amongst others.

In many cases the type of hi vis orange jacket you need will depend on your personal preference as well as the prevailing weather conditions and the policies of the company you are working for or contracting for. Below we have outlined some of the key features that we recommend people look out for when purchasing a Hi Vis Jacket.

Construction Worker Wearing Orange Hi Vis Jacket In A Cherry Picker

Railway Signals

Why are Hi Vis Orange Jackets Worn On Railways?

There are two key reasons why orange is the chosen and enforced colour of high visibility clothing on railway sites. The first being that orange is least likely to be confused with signaling colours that are and were used on railways.

The second factor that has made orange the colour of choice for network rail sites is that orange stands out better in the main environments seen through rail infrastructure. Yellow jackets blend in easier amongst green backgrounds such as grass on railway enbankments.

This alone makes Orange jackets a much more appealing choice as train drivers and supervisors can spot any workers wearing orange at a far greater distance than yellow, allowing them to take action or easily monitor the position of workers.

Key Hi Vis Jacket Orange Considerations & Features:


Is Orange The Right Colour

Is orange the most appropriate choice for your working environment. Many sites may require that you only wear yellow Hi Vis clothing so it is a good idea to check before purchasing.

Hi Vis Reflectivity Standard EN20471

Clothing Class

Ensure that the Hi Vis Coat Orange is the right classification for your role. Most jackets are EN 20471 Class 3 (the highest) but you should be sure to confirm the classification before purchasing.

Vibrant Highly Visible Workwear


Not all luminous fabrics are equally vibrant, Pulsar for example has exceptional luminous properties and really stands out when placed against competing products.

EN343 Waterproofing Standard


If you work outdoors in the winter be sure to choose a waterproof high visibility coat that will keep you dry. Look for EN343 markings which will tell you how waterproof the coat is.

Ventilated Underarms On Waterproof Hi Vis Jacket


EN343 will also disclose how breathable a coat is. The higher the second digit appended to EN343 the better the breathability. Also look for vented underarms which can help keep you cool.

Quality Branded Zips

Zip Quality

If your chosen jacket has a zip fastening ensure that it is a good quality branded zip that will not unexpectedly come undone.

Hi Vis Jackets With Multiple Layers


Consider if you need a heavy weight padded jacket or a lightweight jacket that can be worn with other layers, allowing you to shed layers or add them as the weather and seasons change.

Rail Approved Tear Away Hi Vis Workwear

Tear Away

Check if your workplace requires you to wear tear away clothing. This feature uses press studs that release if the garment is tugged at, preventing the wearer from being dragged or entangled.

RIS3279 Railway Workwear Standard Symbol

Rail Standard

If you are working on a network rail site near the tracks you will need to ensure that your chosen clothing includes RIS 3279 markings.

IEC61482 Arc Flash Workwear

Arc Flash

If you are working with high voltages and need something that is suitable for this application look for an IEC 61482-2:2009 mark.

EN11612 Flame Retardance Symbol

Flame Retardance

Flame retardant properties usually go hand in hand with Arc Flash clothing. If you need flame and heat protection look for the following EN ISO 11612:2015 A1,B1,C1 marking.



Some manufacturers will state how many washes their high visibility clothing will tolerate before going out of specification, higher is always better in this instance.

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