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Disposable Face Masks For Dust & Vapours

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Disposable Face Masks For Use At Work & Home

Disposable Typhoon Dust Mask

Disposable masks are crucial to our RPE and Personal Protective Equipment range. The disposable nature of these masks makes them ideal for exceptionally dirty jobs or for keeping on the van for one of the jobs that may require you to wear a mask or for keeping on hand for one-off jobs that may require you to wear a mask.

Our range of dust masks comes with features that can include exhalation valves, activated carbon layers, and differing filtration standards, such as FFP2 and FFP3. The features you require will depend on the type of work you carry out when wearing the disposable RPE.

Disposable masks can be the appropriate choice for a range of scenarios, from use in food production environments to medical settings and maintenance work. Their compact form factor makes them easy to transport to site in bulk, so you can always have them on hand.

Where Are Disposable Dust Masks Worn?

Disposable RPE is used in many settings, which include but are not limited to:

Dusty Manufacturing Area


Many manufacturing applications can require the use of RPE. An example use case would be manufacturing fibreglass products such as car body kits, where fine glass splitters and dust can be released when cutting, sanding or shaping the product.

Maintenance Operative Working Around Dusty Ceiling Tiles


For engineers who have to venture into rarely used areas and disturb rockwool insulation or old brick dust to do their job, a disposable face mask can be just the right tool for the job.

Toe Nail Filing Dust

Beauty Treatments

Workers in nail salons who remove existing nail finishes using abrasive tools frequently wear disposable RPE to protect themselves from the dust released.

There are some tasks, however, which disposable RPE cannot be used for, such as asbestos removal and the filtering of organic and inorganic vapours.

Key Disposable RPE Features, Considerations And Limitations

FFP2 & FFP3 Filtration Level Difference

Filtration Level

Getting the right filtration level is critical to ensure you are protected when working with RPE. We stock FFP2 and FFP3 face coverings, with FFP2 being the very minimum required for commercial work.

A Valved Dust Mask


FFP2V and FFP3V masks feature a valve that makes breathing out easier and can prevent the mask from moving if you breathe out sharply. It also helps stop the filter medium from becoming damp with exhaled moisture which can impact the mask's performance.

Unvalved Dust Mask


If working in a medical setting, you may want to protect those around you from your exhaled breath by using an unvalved mask. This means that the air is filtered both when inhaling and exhaling.

Start Safety Is A Reputable PPE Supplier

Reputable Supplier

Check that the supplier you are purchasing from is reputable as there are many outlets selling counterfeit products or products that do not meet UK safety requirements.

N95 Masks Are Not Suitable For Use In The UK

UK Certified Products

Ensure you are buying products which are tested for use in the UK. Do not purchase KN95 or N95 masks; these are not suitable for use in the UK.

Facial Hair Can Prevent Face Masks From Creating A Tight Seal Around The Wearers Face

Facial Hair

For any RPE, you need to ensure the sealing area around the mask is free from facial hair; this includes stubble, which, if present, can cause air leaks allowing hazards to be inhaled.

Ear Loops On A Mask Cannot Ensure Tight Enough Fit On Wearers Face

Head Loops

Ensure the mask you purchase has loops that attach behind the head. Many cheaper masks feature ear loops which have been tested and shown to not hold the mask tight enough to seal effectively.

Fatigued Worker With A Disposable Dust Mask

Work Intensity

One limitation of disposable masks is that they cannot be used for particularly energetic tasks. This is because they can be easily knocked out of position or exhaust the wearer as they restrict breathing when compared to half masks.

Different Disposable Face Mask Styles

Mask Style

The style of mask you choose will depend very much on personal preference. Fold flat masks have the bonus of being easy to transport and often come individually packed.

Activated Carbon Layer On A JSP Springfit Mask

Activated Carbon Layer

Some masks are marked as having odour mitigating properties. These masks feature an activated carbon layer. It is important to note that this layer is only suitable for odour control and not for fumes.

Frequently Asked Questions RPE Disposable Masks

Do disposable dust masks require face fit testing?

Yes, when used in a commercial setting, all RPE should be face fit tested as this is the only way to ensure that the mask is performing correctly and delivering the level of protection required to keep you safe.

How long do disposable dust masks last?

In an unopened package all dust masks and RPE come with a clearly stated expiration date. This date indicates the last time the mask packaging should be opened and considered to still be usable.

How long can you use a disposable dust mask?

Most disposable masks are intended to be worn for around 8 hours before being removed and disposed of. This, however, depends on the type of work being done and the level of contamination in the air. If you are working in a particularly dusty environment, then the mask may need to be replaced only halfway through the day to prevent the filter from being saturated and maintain optimum filtration performance.

How many times can you use a disposable dust mask?

Disposable masks, as the name suggests, are one-use . This does mean that once they are worn and taken off, they should be considered contaminated and disposed of.

How effective are disposable dust masks

If worn correctly for the right application, properly certified disposable masks are a very effective way of protecting yourself in hazardous environments .

How to clean a disposable dust mask

Unfortunately, you cannot clean disposable masks; they are good for one use and then should be disposed of.

Other RPE In Our Range

If disposable respirators are not what you are looking for, then please take a look at some of our other RPE ranges.

Full Face Mask

Full Face Masks

These tight fitting facepieces offer some of the highest levels of respiratory protection available.

Half Face Mask

Half Face Masks

These mostly reusable face masks are ideal for long-term use, feature removable filter cartridges, and can offer a significant cost saving over a period of time.

Powered Respirator

Powered RPE

Our range of powered air masks, such as the power cap infinity and jetstream constructor, can be used even if the wearer has facial hair.

Need Help Finding The Right Disposable Face Mask?

If you cannot find the dust mask you need, then please do not hesitate to contact our friendly and knowledgeable sales team. They are easily contacted on +44 (0)1905 794875; they can help you find the right product for your needs at the right price.

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