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Red Stripe Curved Wheeled Yard Squeegee Scraper - Dub'l-lif

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Red Stripe Large Wheeled Yard Squeegee Scraper

This Red Stripe Wheeled Rubber Yard Squeegee is the perfect tool for clearing slurry and large volumes of liquids from areas too small to access with a tractor unit. The robust curved frame and twin handle design allow you to easily control the squeegee and direct wastewater and fluids out of an area.

The genuine red stripe blade features a yellow stripe, indicating it is a stiffer blade; it is still made from high-quality rubber that follows the contours of the floor, trapping liquids and preventing the need for multiple passes. The blade can also be reversed (flipped over) when worn, revealing a fresh new section of the blade and doubling the lifespan of the rubber squeegee blades.

The frame is made from zinc plated mild steel and features multiple reinforcement ribs, ensuring it does not flex and bend under load. The full width of this squeegee is 117cm meaning you can cover large areas exceptionally fast.

Wheeled curved squeegee in use on diary farm

Wheeled Squeegee in use on diary farm

Key Features Of This Dub’l-lif Wheeled Squeegee Yard Scraper:

  • Double Handle - Better control and easier to apply force when pushing heavy loads of liquid and slurry across open areas.
  • Dual Wheels - Supports the frame's weight, ensuring the squeegee stays at the optimum angle to trap liquids within its path and push them to drains or receptacles.
  • Curved Construction - Allows you to have a wider taller blade capable of bearing more weight than a straight squeegee. Ideal for clearing heavier slurries such as those seen in cattle sheds.
  • Durable Zinc Plated Frame - A hard-wearing frame that will stand the test of time, complete with bracket, handle and structural ribs to prevent bending.
  • Removable Blade - When the rubber blade eventually wears out, you can unbolt it and flip it over. We also stock a range of genuine red stripe replacement blades ready to go on the shelf.
  • Genuine Red Stripe Rubber - The industry-leading blade material that has seen many challengers over the years but has never been beaten in both performance and durability.
  • Ultra Large Size - At 117cm wide (46 inches), this squeegee can cover large areas fast. Ideal for working in areas that tractor units and larger machines cannot access.
  • 5 Years Guarantee - The structure of this squeegee frame is guaranteed for five years. This does not cover the finish, blades, or units that have been modified.
  • Multiple Colour Options - Choose from various colours, allowing you to colour code your items in shared environments or keep different colours for different tasks.

dubl-lif Curved Squeegee

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Width 1170mm
Type Zinc Plated Mild Steel

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