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Chapter 8 Package QuickFit EnduraSign Inc. Stand & Face | 3 Package Options

  • Chapter 8 Package QuickFit EnduraSign Inc. Stand & Face | 3 Package Options
  • Chapter 8 Package QuickFit EnduraSign Inc. Stand & Face | 3 Package Options
  • Chapter 8 Package QuickFit EnduraSign Inc. Stand & Face | 3 Package Options
  • Chapter 8 Package QuickFit EnduraSign Inc. Stand & Face | 3 Package Options
  • Chapter 8 Package QuickFit EnduraSign Inc. Stand & Face | 3 Package Options
  • Chapter 8 Package QuickFit EnduraSign Inc. Stand & Face | 3 Package Options
  • Chapter 8 Package QuickFit EnduraSign Inc. Stand & Face | 3 Package Options
  • Chapter 8 Package QuickFit EnduraSign Inc. Stand & Face | 3 Package Options
  • Chapter 8 Package QuickFit EnduraSign Inc. Stand & Face | 3 Package Options
  • Chapter 8 Package QuickFit EnduraSign Inc. Stand & Face | 3 Package Options
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Chapter 8 Package | QuickFit EnduraSign 750mm RA1

This Quickfit EnduraSign sign package comes with all the core signs required for your average section of street works. Of course, in addition to this, you may require some other signs such as footway closed or similar, but this kit gives you the foundation for most applications.

We supply this package with three different options;

These signs are unique in that they are mostly plastic construction, super compact and have faces that can be easily changed around, letting you tweak your sign deployment as and when required.

Men At Work Sign on QuickFit EnduraSign

Lite Package

Interchangable Faces

Standard Package

Interchangable Faces

Plus Package

Interchangable Faces

Key Features Of The Men At Work QuickFit EnduraSign

An amazing sign packed with features that really make it stand out from legacy street signage solutions. Some of these outstanding features and functions include;

Interchangable Faces

Interchangeable Faces

Each frame has toggles at 300mm centres. This allows any standard quickfit sign to fit with ease. No longer is a sign written off once the face becomes worn or scratched. Spare faces are available off the shelf from Start Traffic.

QuickFit EnduraSign On Road In Use

Completely Compliant

Of course, these signs meet all requirements for road signs to be used on the road. With Class 1 RA1 reflective faces and proper ground clearance, these signs meet all requirements of The Red Book.

Comparison of Q-Signs stacked vs QuickFit EnduraSigns Stacked

Stacking Design

Save space in storage and in transport. This sign can be stacked flat, or stood up, with and without faces applied. Each frame locks onto the next making the EnduraSign QuickFit very stable and easy to transport. 

Quick Fit EnduraSigns In Boot Of Car

Compact Format

At only 50 millimetres tall when laid flat, this sign takes up less space than other sign formats. This frees up space for tools and other equipment, especially important in smaller utility works vehicles.

Sign Weight Example


At only 2.8 kilos the QuickFit EnduraSign will not add excessive weight to vehicles saving 3.85 kilos per sign when compared to its nearest counterpart. Are your current road work signs weight-efficient?

Handle on Rear

Ergonomic Design

A ‘handy’ handhold at the top of the sign makes caring easy, unlike traditional steel frames these signs have no sharp edges making cut hands a thing of the past. Several units can be carried at once with ease.

Spare Parts Available Toggle Focus

Spare Parts Available

All parts including the frame, toggles, and faces are available separately so a damaged part does not mean the whole sign is written off. We carry stock of all components saving you money and reducing waste.

Ballast Options

Compatible with standard stand bags, or with the specially designed EnduraSign Ballast. This special weight can be stacked to increase wind resistance drastically. It is also compatible with metal frames.

Range Of High Quality Faces

High-Quality Sign Faces

High quality printed vinyl sign faces with RA1 reflectivity on a 3mm plastic backing means that these signs are not only easy to see in the dark, they are also hard-wearing and cost-effective.

QuickFit EnduraSign Flat To Standing

Fast Deployment

A kick-out leg allows this sign to be deployed in seconds, making it instantly stable, needing only ballast. Signs can be stored and transported, stacked with faces attached for even faster deployment if required.

Durability Proof

Ultra Tough

The QuickFit Endurasign is flexible and highly durable by design. It will flex rather than snap, it can withstand being dropped from a height and being run over and still get back up to fight another day.

100% Recyclable

100% Recyclable

At the end of its useful life, you can recycle any worn out parts. Start Traffic works with all manufacturers of components within the QuickFit EnduraSign, which use these to create brand new products.

Brand It Your Way

Want your sign in your company colours, No problem! We can brand your frames with your logo, and have them made entirely in a different colour. This is a great way to stop other contractors from scooping them up. Customised frames require a minimum of 150 units and will require an additional 4 weeks lead time.

Non-Conductive Plastic Zoom


With a fully plastic frame and face, these signs are non-conductive, making them safer for use around live cables. The construction also means the signs have no scrap value making them less tempting to scrap metal thieves.

Ballast Requirements For Windspeed Categories

Refer to this guide to determine the amount of ballast/weight required for your sign faces to meet BS 8442:2015 Miscellaneous road traffic signs and devices requirements.

Assembled SignfaceC: 8.7m/s (19mph)B: 17.6m/s (39mph)A: 26.3m/s (58mph)
750mm TriangleNone8kg / EnduraSign Ballast: 122kg / EnduraSign Ballast: 3
600mm SquareNone7kg / EnduraSign Ballast: 121kg / EnduraSign Ballast: 3
750mm CircleNone5kg / EnduraSign Ballast: 117kg / EnduraSign Ballast: 2
1050 x 750mm RectangleNone13kg / EnduraSign Ballast: 236kg / EnduraSign Ballast: 4
600 x 450mm RectangleNone4kg / EnduraSign Ballast: 113kg / EnduraSign Ballast: 2
1050 x 450mm RectangleNone7kg / EnduraSign Ballast: 120kg / EnduraSign Ballast: 2
750mm Triangle + Supplementary plateNone9kg / EnduraSign Ballast: 126kg / EnduraSign Ballast: 3

More Of This Range

If this is not the sign you are looking for, do not worry. We have a massive selection of signs available right off the shelf. This range includes more from the EnduraSign QuickFit range, and further products from other ranges.

Triangular 750mm Quickfit EnduraSigns

Triangular 750mm QuickFit EnduraSigns

All common warning signs from men at work to loose chippings.

1050x750mm QuickFit EnduraSigns

1050x750mm QuickFit EnduraSigns

From ‘works access’ signs to ‘road closed’ signs, we have them all.

750mm Circular QuickFit EnduraSigns

750mm Circular QuickFit EnduraSigns

View the full range of circular signs from the Quickfit Endurasign Range.

600x450mm QuickFit EnduraSigns

600x450mm QuickFit EnduraSigns

A wide range of pedestrian orientated QuickFit EnduraSigns

1050x450mm QuickFit EnduraSigns

1050x450mm QuickFit EnduraSigns

Diverted traffic signs and more in this narrow sign format.

QuickFit Endurasign Kits

Full kits including all you need for small scale works supplied as a package.

Custom QuickFit EnduraSigns

Custom faces for signs made to order, including courtesy boards and more.

Looking For Something From Other Systems

If you are looking for something outside of the EnduraSign QuickFit Range then be sure to check out our other sign ranges. These include;

Steel Frame QuickFit

Steel Frame QuickFit

Available from stock, with faces that are cross-compatible with the QuickFit EnduraSign.

Stanchion Steel Signs

Stanchion Steel Signs

With Zintec sign faces and angle steel legs. These are the traditional road work sign system.

Roll-Up Signs

Roll-Up Signs

Flexible roll-up signs ideal for highly mobile applications such as those encountered by emergency services.

Cone Signs

Cone Signs

Easy to deploy and supported by either 1000mm or 750mm traffic cones.

Need Further Assistance Navigating The QuickFit EnduraSign Range?

Whether you are looking for standard QuickFit Signs or QuickFit EnduraSigns our experienced sales team are here to help. You can contact them by email, chat or phone during normal business hours. Our friendly team are knowledgeable and will ensure you are getting great value for money and most importantly getting the right product for the task at hand.

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