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Showing 1 to 11 of 11 (1 Pages)

Armco Open Box Beam Barrier (OBB)

Armco box beam is a great and heavier duty alternative to the standard corrugated Armco barrier. It is more rigid and has a slightly less industrial look, making it perfect for car parks and other areas where aesthetics and performance are important.

The beams are attached together using linking fish plates and standard Armco lap bolts. The beam sections can be mounted onto any standard Armco post from our post category. It is secured to the post using clamp plates, as the clamp plates (or hanging plates) as they are sometimes called can mount at any point along a beam it makes post-placement easier.

With open box beam, we generally recommend that posts are positioned at 1.2m centres. This provides adequate support for the barrier ensuring it stands up to impacts as intended.

Open Box Beam End

Rounded End For Open Box Beam

Key Features Of OBB

  • Durable Galvanised Finish - As with the rest of our Armco range these barriers and their components are all hot-dip galvanised for exceptional corrosion resistance.
  • Post Positioning Flexibility - If post centres are not quite 1.2m the sliding hanging plate used to install the beams gives horizontal adjustment during installation.
  • Compatible With Armco Posts - Compatible with all our standard Armco posts and fasteners, including lap bolts and post bolts.
  • End Caps Available - There are a range of end caps available suitable for areas with just cars, or areas that also see pedestrian traffic.

See The Rest Of Our Armco Barrier Range

Our range of Armco products is vast, with lots of different components to choose from including complete heavy-duty kits for protecting important assets that come with all the parts you need to get going.

Armco Posts

Armco Posts

Used to connect two runs of barrier seamlessly together without any gaps.

Amco Beams

Beams and rails available to link posts and corners together.

Armco Safety End Corner

Armco End Corners

End caps make the unfinished ends of beams neater and safer for pedestrians and vehicles.

Fastners & Fixings

Armco Fixings

All the things needed to bolt your Armco together ensuring it delivers the performance you need.

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