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50mm, 60mm, 76mm, 89mm, 114mm, 140mm 'D' Type Channel Sign Clip

  • 50mm, 60mm,  76mm, 89mm, 114mm, 140mm 'D' Type Channel Sign Clip
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Sign Clips for Post / Pole Mount Signs- Rigid 'D' Clip

This clip is designed to be used specifically with 50mm poles, 60mm, 76mm (3” diameter), 89mm, 114mm and 140mm poles. Two of these are required to mount one post mountable sign, each clip securing one rail to the pole via a nut and bolt mechanism.

This clip is compatible with all of our post mounted signs as long as you are mounting to the correct size post for the clip size chosen. For unusual sized poles, our universal clamp set will be appropriate.

For areas where a pole-mounted sign is required for enforcing speed limits, two signs will usually be mounted (one each side of the pole) to cater for the different speeds going in or out of an area. This can be achieved through the use of two back-to-back clips in conjunction with these rigid-'D' clips.

post mountable sign fitted with two rigid-D clips

How To Install A Rigid-'D' Clamp

Rigid D Clip Installtion part 1

Step 1

Hold your post mountable sign against the pole. Slot the square-headed bolt into one side of the rail and the small, shaped end of the clip into the other.

Rigid D Clip Installtion part 2

Step 2

Pinch the clip over the bolt and firmly hold in place with one hand while using your free hand to tighten the nut enough so that the clamp supports the weight.

Rigid D Clip Installtion part 3

Step 3

Repeat steps 1 and 2 for the bottom clip.

Rigid D Clip Installtion part 4

Step 4

Check the front of the sign to ensure it is perfectly vertical, before tightening all bolts with a spanner or ratchet to secure the sign.

Other Types of Sign Clip Available

Photo of Rigid-D clip

Rigid 'D' Clip

This style of clamp is a available in a range of sizes. The rigid-Anti Rotational Sign Clip is designed to be specifically used with specific sizes of post.

Photo of back to back clips

Back-to-Back Clips

These are used if you need to have two signs mounted on one pole back to back and are only compatible with the 76mm rigid clip. To mount two signs back to back you would require two 'Post clips' and two sets of the Back-to-back clips.

Photo of universal clamp

Universal Clamp

The universal clamp works with any pole from 45mm to 217mm including odd pole profiles. However, they are not compatible with back-to-back clips.

Do You Have Questions About Installing Your Sign Clip?

Give us a call on 01905 794 875, our sales team will assist you through the process.

 We have a number of other sign clip / clamp types available. See 'Downloads' for a guide on these.

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