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Passive Safety Posts For Road Signs & Lighting

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Passive Safety Posts For Signs & Lighting

As the name suggests this range of sign support posts are passively safe. This means that in the event an out of control vehicle impacts the post, it will give way in such a way that the risk of injury to the occupants of the vehicle is massively reduced.

Passively safe sign posts come in a huge variety of designs and from a range of different manufacturers, each has its pros and cons. One thing they do all have in common though is that they have all been thoroughly crash-tested to BS EN 12767 standards and carry a CE mark, they also can all have signs mounted on them.

These passively safe posts save lives during accidents as they do not stop vehicles dead like old fashioned traditional posts. For this reason, they also do not need crash barriers placed in front of them. This reduces installation costs considerably.

Where are Passively Safe Posts Used?

These specialist sign supports are mostly seen on higher speed roads where quickly reducing an out of control vehicle to an immediate stop could cause significant injury.

These posts are most commonly seen on motorways, dual carriageways and faster A roads, but they can be installed wherever they would be beneficial for safety.

When choosing a passive safety post system you will need to ensure that the post chosen is suitable for the size of sign that is being fitted, and the speed of the road. If you need assistance with this we are able to help.

Alternative Types Of Sign Posts

If you are not looking for passively safe sign posts then you will likely find what you need in our signposts category.

We stock and distribute most common signposts all over the UK from our headquarters in Worcestershire.

RHS Sign Posts

Rectangular Hollow Section posts, Due to the variety of sizes these are available in these are currently available to order by phone only.

RHS Post

CHS Sign Posts

These circular hollow section posts are a cost-effective sign support system for where passive safety sign posts are not required.

CHS Post

Wide Base Sign Posts

Looking for something to mount lighting to? Then these wide base posts are idea with an inspection door that makes wiring easier.

CHS Post

Need Help Finding The Right Sign Posts For your needs?

Give our sales team a call today where our expert team will help you find the best solution for your needs at the best possible prices. Our friendly staff are here to help during normal office hours on 01905 794 875.

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