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Panoramic 90 Observation Mirror

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Panoramic 90 Mirror Corner mounted Mirror

This 90 Degree Wall Mounted Mirror attaches neatly into the corner of a room or narrow passage. The mirror may be installed for supervisory reasons or to avoid collisions around corridors and blind spots.

The mirror is screw mounted into the corner of the room trough pre-drilled mounting holes and is very easy to install. Most installations take less than 20 minutes per mirror.

This convex mirror offers great image quality and superb safety and supervisory capabilities. The panoramic 90 observation mirror is very well suited to retail outlet corridors, especially where large trolleys often limit the visibility of those pushing them.

The mirror is made from acrylic, which protects a highly reflective metallic backing. The acrylic body is ultra light, and most important shockproof.

Panoramic 90 Mirror Installed

Get The Right Sized Mirror

There are several sizes of this mirror available, ensure you get the right size by checking the table included. Each observation mirror has a maximum recommended viewing distance, this increases with the size of the mirror. The maximum distance is measured from the centre of the mirror to the observer's eyes.

Key Features

  • Indoor Use only.
  • Excellent Image Quality.
  • Light Construction.
  • 90 Viewing Angle
  • 5 Year Guarantee Against Manufacturing Faults.
Mirror Size (WxHxD) Max Viewing Distance (m) Weight (Kg)
300x300x240mm 3 2
400x400x330mm 4 2.5
420x420x360mm 5 3
490x490x400mm 6 3.5

Other Mirrors In Our Range of Acrylic Panoramic Mirrors

Panoramic 90 Mirror Diagram

Panoramic 90

Mounted high up in a corner this mirror gives a great overview of a room or around corners. For this reason, it is very popular with care homes, retail outlets and hospitals.

Panoramic 180 Mirror Diagram

Panoramic 180

The 180 is ideal for placing opposite doorways on narrow corridors. This mirror allows a view to see if traffic is approaching without stepping into harm's way.

Panoramic 360 Mirror viewing diagram

Panoramic 360

This mirror is mostly used in warehouses, suspended from the ceiling to give a clear view of any approaching traffic.

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Guarantee Length 5 Years Guarantee Against Manufacturing Faults
Type Acrylic
Application Indoor Use


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