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Start Traffic Cut Midlands Traffic By Over 40% With Simple Kit

At Start Traffic we take pride in being at the forefront of innovation and are always looking to improve the ways in which the roads we all travel on work and function. With this in mind, we have been working hard on a solution that plagues many junctions and roads around the country, the problem of traffic slow down.

We have all been stuck in traffic jams at busy intersections where traffic just does not move at the speed that it should to fully utilise the road’s capacity. This is a very common issue in many town centres especially but can be seen on ring roads and signalled roundabouts alike.

With the Start FlowMaster Traffic Signaling System, we have seen an increase in traffic flow by as much as 40% when compared to a standard junction fitted with conventional traffic lights installed.

As Seen in The 'The Worcester Source' Paper;

Local townsman Mal Teaser gave these comments after seeing the FlowMaster in action;

“I cannot believe no one thought of it before really, you see normal traffic lights, and the traffic flows, well, as you would expect. This new Flow thing though, it just changes to amber whenever a car is approaching, people think it’s going to turn red I guess, so they just floor it. It really is marvellous what they can do these days with modern technology.”

Where Can The FlowMaster Be Used?

The flow master can be installed on any junction that has existing traffic lights. We have also recently completed testing of the FlowMaster on a stretch of road outside of Summer Bay in Stourport, which is known for its slow traffic, caused by tourists slowing to take in the views of the pristine countryside. The road had no pre-existing lights, yet the FlowMaster increased traffic flow by over 30% in just this one location.

Other Common Installation areas:

  • Motorway Slip Roads
  • Roundabouts
  • Roads With Slow Moving Traffic
  • Town Centres
  • Airports
  • Rivers - (Still in development, release date TBC)

How The Start FlowMaster Works?

Our experienced engineers spent whole hours surveying intersections and junctions all around the Droitwich area before coming up with this clever, yet surprisingly simple method of increasing the traffic volume at a junction without the expenditure on more road surface and further lanes.

The FlowMaster is installed onto existing traffic light sets or can be installed as a fresh installation if required (the site may require a site survey before the FlowMaster can be deployed). The FlowMaster conversion unit can be hooked into any existing connections and will automatically convert the standard traffic signal allowing for at least a 35% uplift in traffic capacity and throughput.

We Did The Math - The Story Behind The FlowMaster

We crunched the numbers and can assure you it works, and here is the science behind the FlowMaster that makes it one of the leading Traffic Signalling Devices in the new and exciting field of Traffic Aggrandizement.

Our engineers realised that during the traditional three phases of a traffic light signal, traffic flow was seemingly at its highest during the Amber phase. We spoke with numerous traffic management experts and they confirmed that they had seen the same phenomenon.

We took this data, and after several minutes of analysis, we realised that by changing the green light to amber whenever a car was approaching, a significant boost in vehicle throughput could be achieved. Local psychologist and author of the hit book ‘The World Is Square’ Dr Toby Larone who consulted on the project has yet to come to a full conclusion but noted that upon seeing the FlowMaster activate cars in the area increased in speed, he suspects it might be something to do with magnets.

Interested in the FlowMaster?

This product can only be purchased through the form linked HERE currently. In due time we will be looking to roll this out as a product that can be purchased outside of April the 1st.

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