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Vialux Cycle Safety Mirror | Blind Spot Mirror

  • Vialux Cycle Safety Mirror | Blind Spot Mirror
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Trixi Mirrors | Cycle Safety Mirrors

Where are these needed?

With the rising popularity of cycling as a mode of transport, more precautions towards the safety of cyclists are being needed. With this, data from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents show 75% of cycling accidents happened at, or near, a road junction in 2016. Cyclists fit in between the kerb and the vehicle when traffic flow has stopped. Their low profile and size mean anything with high ground clearance is highly unlikely to spot them in their wing mirror. To counter this problem, you can install a mirror on the side of traffic lights that show this blind spot so that drivers can allow the bicycle to pass before turning. Start Traffic aim to provide the equipment needed to make your junction safer with the use of a Trixi Mirror.

Cycle Mirror Installed in London

Where can I put these Mirrors?

Trixi mirrors are designed to be mounted to the side of traffic lights, particularly on left turns. However, you can also fix them to a wall if more appropriate. The mirrors provide visibility to the blind spots of HGVs, such as lorries or buses, meaning cyclists are at significantly less risk of being in an accident.

Do I need special permissions to install a Cycle Mirror?

In Britain, there is no longer need for permission from the Department for Transport to install a Trixi mirror.

Cycle Mirror Red Frame

What Mirror is best suited?

Vialux offers the ‘Cyclomir’, a 500mm traffic light mirror perfectly equipped for outdoor conditions. Vialux constructs the mirror from their high grade ‘polymir’- a highly durable polycarbonate resistant to extreme weather. Not only are they almost indestructible but come with a 3-year warranty.

How is the 'Cyclomir’ Installed?

Mirrors come with the appropriate bracket for pole and wall mounting dependent on what will provide the best angle in the specific environment. The frame comes in one size (500mm) and has the option of a red or black colourway.

Is the Cyclomir Cycle Safety Mirror for me?

This mirror is specialised towards improving the safety of cyclists at junctions. If this isn’t the product you need then we may have an alternate solution for you here. If you are unsure as to what you need or can’t find the product you are looking for feel free to contact us on 01905 794 875.


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Guarantee Length 3 Years Guarantee Against Manufacturing Faults
Type Polymir Optics
Application Indoor & Outdoor Use

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