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GS6 Cantilever Height Restriction Kit | Single Lane

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GS6 Cantilever Kit - Compact & Effective

This Cantilevered GS6 kit is the perfect solution for situations where it is not possible to stand an upright either side of the carriageway. Where our standard GS6 kits require enough room on each side of a roadway these kits only need a foot on one side, great for when space is restricted.

The base on the cantilevered GS6 kit is available in either steel plate or water fillable ‘metro block’. This makes the setup very stable, with the metro block variant being MIRA wind tested. The upright can extend telescopically to a height of 7.3 metres and the top bar is 1.6 metres long.

These kits are seen frequently on road works, construction sites, and any other site where large vehicles are operating around overhead structures. There is a wide range of applications where these markers are required to provide protection to overhead structures.

Close-up of Cantilver GS6 kit Component

Place the upright pole into the GS6 Base

Step 1

Place the GS6 base in the required position and place the upright pole into the base.

Fit the elbow to the GS6 kit and tighten

Step 2

Fit the provided elbow to the upright pole and tightened the screw.

Slot the crossbar into the other end of the shoulder

Step 3

Slot the crossbar into the other end of the shoulder piece.

Once the shoulder is fully assembled extend the barrier to the desired height

Step 4

Once the shoulder is fully assembled extend the barrier to the desired height.

All set-up test for stability

Step 5

All set-up. Make sure the GS6 Kit is secure and stable.

Cannot find the right Gs6 kit for your needs?

No problem we are here to help, whether you need a standard red two-sided kit or a blue kit for rail use we have the right setup for your job. Call our customer service team today, they will ensure that you are getting the best deal, and most importantly the best product for the job.


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Conforms HSE GS6 Compliant, MIRA wind speed tested Metro Block base upto 50mph, insulated to 75kv
Type Poles: Fibreglass with Nylon hand clamps, Metal Bases: Powder Coated Steel, Metro Block: Polyethylene
Colour High Visibility Red and White alternate sections with Black bases


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